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The buttonshark is a small predator native to the Undersea, the large underground lake located within the wandering tunnels. It is known for its round shape and its playful behaviour.


Buttonsharks are almost entirely spherical, though are very slightly flat and oblong rather than a true sphere. They also have a snout-like nose where their mouth is, containing many rows of sharp teeth that the species uses to eat its primary source of food, the fleshcarp. They have vertical tail fins, and thry have double dorsal fins. The exact purpose of them having two dorsal fins is not fully known, though it has been speculated that they help the shark in remaining upright and oriented during the frequent earthquakes of the Undersea.


Many of the residents of Eyaouth find the buttonshark incredibly adorable, though no attempts to domesticate the species have been successful. Buttonsharks require large environments that simply cannot be provided in a home setting, and will not often return to the same spot more than once or twice, making it incredibly difficult to maintain a connection with an individual buttonshark.

Behaviour & Psychology

The buttonshark is a playful species, regularly engaging in what has been determined to be the species' form of games with one another. They have been known to play games akin to tag or keep-away, and there has been one notable instance of a large group of buttonsharks playing a game startlingly similar to capture-the-flag. It is generally agreed upon that buttonsharks are incredibly intelligent, and there is even speculation that the sharks are able to communicate in some form of language, though this claim is yet to be proven.
40-50 years
Average Length
7-12 inches
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Typically light brown or tan, sometimes speckled
Geographic Distribution


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