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Found only in the Undersea, a large underground sea within the wandering tunnels, the fleshcarp is a small prey species with a perpetual look of what appears similar to horror or disgust on its face. The species is caught and eaten by those residing in Eyaouth, the settlement floating in the centre of the Undersea, as well as hunted by larger wildlife such as the buttonshark and the flathead eel.
Geographic Distribution


The fleshcarp has slimy light greenish-brown skin, appearing similarly to a pale and jaundiced kuuyik in colour. The species has "fingers" on its pectoral fins, and its spine pokes out of its back before transitioning into a bony dorsal fin. The species has sharp teeth, which it uses to eat saltskin leeches, its primary source of food. Four of these teeth poke out of its mouth, preventing it from fully closing. Two of these protruding fangs are on the upper jaw, and two on the lower. The species is much longer than it is tall or wide, and moves similarly to a snake or an eel. To deal with the salt of the Undersea, the species' gills filter out the salt from the water they take in, and excrete it in a red substance that looks similar to blood. This often clouds the water around the fish whenever the water is still.


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