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A fierce species residing in the Undersea of the wandering tunnels, the lionshark is the apex predator of its habitat.


Lionsharks are a smaller size, only slightly larger than some of its prey. Its eyes sit atop and slightly to the sides of its head, allowing it to lay in wait amidst the moss slgae and clustering seafern. Its spottled orange and red patterns cover the back of its brown skin, and are how the species gets its name - the group of people who originally named it had never actually seen a lion before, and so went off of that colour scheme alone. The species is long and thin, with short, precise fins that help it move around. Its movements are sharp and snappy, and it is capable of swimming backwards - which it does often when it hunts its prey, to return to its hiding spot after making a catch.

Dietary Needs & Habits

The lionshark is an obligate carnivore, feeding on flathead eels and buttonsharks primarily, and fleshcarp occasionally. It is an ambush predator, hiding in the foliage of its environment and waiting for unsuspecting prey to come across it, at which point it strikes. It does not have to eat very often, as this does not expend very much energy, able to survive on around three meals a week.
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