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Clustering Seafern

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The clustering seafern is a large nonflowering plant that grows underwater deep in the tunnels below Etharai's surface. It makes its home in frigid and stagnant salt water, its leaves able to grow outward and collect nutrients from the surrounding water. It can be dried and eaten, and has an exceptionally satly and somewhat sweet taste to it.


The clustering seafern, as its name describes, grows in small clusters. Multiple stems fan outwards from a centre point, and its leaves extend perpendicular to its stems. The leaves are incredibly thick, with serrated and sharp edges, which come to a tapered end at the point of the leaf. During rough currents, typically caused by earthquakes in the area, the leaves and stems curl up into tight spirals, to prevent the plant from being damaged during the quakes. Due to the low-light environment in which the fern lives, it is a light and slightly bioluminescent grey-blue colour.

Uses & Byproducts

The clustering seafern has a handful of different uses. It can be used as in a medicinal capacity, as chewing a fresh seafern has been known to reduce fevers and ease headaches. Applying a paste made from clustering seafern can help soothe and soften skin. The fern appears in a few dishes served in Eyaouth, often as a side dish or accompanying note.
Geographic Distribution

Earthquake Detection

Because of the clustering seafern's innate ability to close its leaves before an earthquake, they are often grown domestically and used to predict the onset of earthquakes. This practice has saved multiple lives of those living in Eyaouth, and is considered more accurate than even the most high-tech scanners that have been developed for the same purpose. Most households in Eyaouth have at least one seafern in a high-visibility area of the home, and most non-residential buildings have multiple.


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