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The Ice Whirl

In the northwest area of Koljorn lies an infamous wonder that has come to stump many who have tried to study it, and sank the fates of those who try to explore it. A massive frozen whirlpool 3 stadia wide sinks downward from the surface of the tundra. Echoes of the land seem to reverberate from the center of the whirlpool, but no one has been able to enter the pit and return.


The Ice Whirl seems to also have a magical nature, as if it was formed by the draining of magic from the area. As a result, trying to fly over the central pit using any sort of magical means will result in being sucked beneath the frozen plains. Spells cast near the whirl seem to pull towards it as if they were blown by an arcane wind.


Local legends vary widely about the creation and purpose of the Ice Whirl. Some say that it is a gateway to the Astral Sea that will slowly drain the world of magic, while others say it only affects those with darkness in the hearts.


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