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Múhava Seas (mʊhavɑ)

The treacherous yet captivating Múhava Seas, a vast expanse of water along the southern coasts of Estia. Renowned for its breathtaking beauty, tempestuous weather, and lawless waters, these seas are a realm of adventure and danger, drawing both the intrepid explorer and the notorious pirate alike.

by Sarah C.

The Múhava Seas stretch as far as the eye can see to the south, an azure tapestry that glimmers under the warm embrace of a perpetually sun-soaked sky. The crystal-clear waters teem with vibrant marine life, their colors rivaling the most resplendent gems. Coral reefs, like submerged cities, provide shelter for an array of exotic creatures, while schools of shimmering fish dance through the wind-filled waves.

However, the serene facade of the Múhava Seas on a calm day conceals their tumultuous nature. The region is notorious for its violent storms, which can erupt seemingly out of nowhere, unleashing fierce winds and torrential downpours that batter the seas and threaten the unwary.

by Sarah C

by Sarah C.

But this is not the only danger the Múhava Seas present, as the desperate, the adventurous, and the ruthless are drawn beyond the watchful eyes of the coast into the lawless waters of the south. Especially since the fracturing of the Estian empire, the absence of a central governing authority allows piracy to flourish, with bands of cutthroats and brigands seizing the opportunity to prey upon trade vessels that venture or are blown too far off course. Manned by fearsome crews, their flagrant disregard for law and order casts a larger shadow over the south seas than the worst of storms.

Amidst this lawless chaos, scattered islands and atolls rise like jewels from the depths, their lush tropical landscapes providing refuge for those seeking to evade capture or simply hide from the world. These remote havens are home to smugglers, outcasts, and those who have chosen to embrace the freedom of a life lived on the fringes of the world.

by Sarah C

Legends abound in the Múhava Seas, tales of lost treasures hidden on uncharted islands, haunted shipwrecks teeming with ghostly apparitions, and mythical sea creatures that prowl the depths. Whispers of magical artifacts, powerful relics, and forgotten civilizations tempt fortune-seekers to brave the perils of these waters, their dreams of wealth and glory fueling foolish bravery. But those who dare to traverse these fabled waters must tread carefully, for the Múhava Seas demand respect and offer no mercy to those who underestimate their power.

by Sarah C
Derivative of two old áríhwen words, roughly translating to jeweled prism or crystal blue/green


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