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Lumir̀ashic (lumiɾaʃic)

Lumir̀ashic is the faith of the Helɉan people, in common tongue literally translating to god followers. The Helɉan are monotheistic, believing in a single God whom they call by many nonformal names such as the one who freezes, the one who saves or most commonly Creator.  


Lumir̀ashic has a handful of major tenents with smaller tenents peppered in, and these tenants are taught through stories, legends and parables.


Lumir̀ashic teaches balance in all things as a counter to greed, power and various types of gluttony. Addictions of any kind are considered extremely taboo, as is hoarding to the point of waste or any kind of over consumption. Interestingly enough though, Lumir̀ashic teaches balance as something to strive for but is not able to ever be achieved in perfection.


Truth is another of Lumir̀ashic's major tenets, although nuanced. Parables more clearly paint a picture that the truth expected of the Lumir̀ashic being honest actions, avoiding the appearance of deception and dishonesty, operating in the light, speaking the truth of events and keeping to one's word of commitment. These same parables also dissuade the idea of just speaking your mind or as the Helɉan say speaking without mind under the guise of honesty.



The third major tenant of Lumir̀ashic is hard to describe in common tongue. It is a sense of knowing one's place, and not reaching for powers that were not meant for you or gain for the purpose of self-flattery. This is the tenant that causes the Helɉan to reject magic use of any kind as a power beyond their intended purpose.



The Makkaden are the primary leaders of the Helɉan in all matters, including religious and their authority supersedes any other in the tribe. The Makkaden do play a role as the story tellers, however the Makkadenna typically run religious holidays, ceremonies and counseling the people.
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