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The Red Feather

In early spring, just as the world was waking up a bunny went about it's hop.
She pounced on snow, and cleaned her ears and tickled her nose and sat up on her rear.
Listening intently she heard a rustle above, and looking to the skies she fell instantly in love.
A beautiful bird, painted with pink, purple and blue, glistening in the morning dew.
"You're so beautiful!" the bunny said. "Could I have a feather, to adorn my plain white head?"
The bird quizzed down and gently said "Sorry little one, but these feathers on my head,
Are so I can be seen from all around, but are not meant for a little one on the ground."
"But my fur is plain, white and such a bore!" The bunny pleaded wanting nothing more,
"I could show the other hoppers, I'm the best if only you'd pluck just one from your chest."
The bird paused and lifted a wing. "But can you fly, little one from the danger it would bring?
From a fox or wolf wanting to be fed, I'm afraid the feathers would bring you death instead."
"But I can run, hide and slide into my den, so please pretty bird don't deny me one then."
The bird looked down, sadly shook it's beak, letting loose a large tailfeather, perilously pink.
"There you go, little one but you are warned. Do not let this feather cause you to be mourned."
The bunny jumped and padded a little clap, then immediately found five fresh drops of sap.
She fiddled, fidgeted, fluffed and frivoled, but failed to keep her head and eyes the swivel.
And no sooner had she the feather stuck than did a fox appear not much older than a pup.
Off ran the bunny, as quick as can be but right behind that fox kept pace, bold and hungry.
The bunny dodged, dipped and dashed and tried to lose the fox, the feather tightly lashed.
"Nice feather" the fox did mock, "Makes you easy to spot among the trees, snow and rock."
The bunny didn't know what to do, she tried to loose the feather but it just would not unglue.
After a long, hard and exhausting hunt, the fox managed to get in front,
The bunny became overwhelmed dread, as her beautiful pink feather turned an awful red.


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