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Kajusuzûn Chimes

Wind chimes feature priminently in the city of Kajusuzû, so much so that nearly half the city is named the "Ringing Quarter" because of the musical notes coming from every window. The Kajuzurie see chime-making as an art and a representation of themselves as those who were guided to beauty by the wind.


The cousin the wind chime, the light chime does not usually create noise but is instead meant to filter and capture light to produce something beautiful in a similar way. Light chimes are usually more elegent and finely crafted and are favored by higher society individuals who prefer the quiet visual beauty.


Wind Chimes

Standard Chime

by Sarah C.
Often made by children, these simple chimes utilize a variety of materials from metals to glass to create sounds as the wind blows the central petal.

Feather Chime

by Sarah C.
Feather chimes typically create a small tapping sound utilizing strings of beads as the feathers are picked up by the wind.

Bell Chime

by Sarah C.
Like a standard chime, however the petal only ever hits a single structure usually shaped in some sort of bell.

Flute Chime

A glass bell-shaped wind chime hanging in an open window
by Sarah C.
Flute chimes are hollow, and designed to catch the wind and force it through increasingly smaller tubes as they spin, creating different tones of low-pitched whistling sounds.

Enchanted Chime

A colorful
by Sarah C.
Enchanted chimes may work in a number of different ways, but usually they are made of glass and designed to spin. As the wind pressures each pane of glass, it releases a note. Enchanted chimes are popular because they can create entire songs or tunes as they spin in the breeze.

Light Chimes

Focal Chime

Digital art of a golden light chime with a pearl center
by Sarah C.
Light is meant to shine through the chime, creating a specific artwork on a floor, ceiling or wall using shadows and gems.

Fractal Chime

by Sarah C.
Fractal chimes are varied and contain many petals of metallic, glass or crystal materials. They reflect or refract the light that passes through them casting rainbows or lighting the room with a tint.


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