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Dragonborn are one of a few races existing in Estia that did not originate from the Ancients but instead arrived in Estia as refugees from another plane.  

History in Estia

Several thousand dragonborn arrived in Estia just north of the Dragonfire Lakes near the end of the Age of Chaos. Ulrond Minyan, the King of an Estian empire that so far had only spanned 1/3 of the continent, brokered a deal with the refugees. The agreed to help him unify the continent and bring a final peace in return for citizenship and generous resettlement. The dragonborn became key in the unification of Estia, bringing technology, ideas and fighting tactics that had not been seen in the world since the Ancients and brought several rebellious entities to heel.


After the Unification and the Age of Kings began, Ulrond kept to his word and resettled the refugees on Dracona Isle, a massive island to the southwest of the Estian mainland. While untamed, the isle was rich with potential and the refugees were now well-equipped with ships, food, weapons and equipment. The generosity and good faith shown by Ulrond solidified a bonded alliance between the dragonborn and Estia that is still intact today, despite the mainland's divisions.

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