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Deep in the heart of the mountain range created by the upheaval, a mineral was found. It's been called Tesimite and it's exact uses haven't been discovered yet. Their hatred of magic has prevented them from seeking magical help in identifying what the metal can be used for. Through the many attempts to do something with this metal, eight dwarves have died.


Material Characteristics

Tesimite is a heavy gray metal stone. It has a shimmer when it is turned in the light. Attempts to melt it or break it have failed.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Silky smooth and so far indestructible.

Geology & Geography

The mineral is found deep within the 300-mile mountains.

Origin & Source

This metal was found deep in the ground within eclogite stone.

Life & Expiration

The metal is stable, not radioactive or does it lose its consistency.

History & Usage


Deep below Sentrac is a network of mines. In those mines are where the mountain dwarf miners found a strange vein of stone. In this stone, there was a hard metal that couldn't be picked or broken into smaller portions. They tried heating it to a temperature that would melt a diamond, but the stone remained unchanged. They attempted to put hooks into the metal to allow it to be tied and winched out of the mines, but nothing they tried could even scratch the surface of the Tesimite. Wrapping ropes around the large chunk of metal, the dwarves started hauling it to the surface, but this was met with disaster. Nearly halfway to the surface, the ropes broke and the Tesimite fell all the way to the bottom, breaking parts of the shaft and embedding in the floor five feet.


Mountain Dwarves of Sentrac

Everyday use

Not used yet.

Industrial Use

Not used yet.


Currently un-refinable

Manufacturing & Products

Currently un-refinable
Very Rare
Boiling / Condensation Point
Unknown, nothing so far has changed this materials state.
Melting / Freezing Point
Unknown, nothing so far has changed this materials state.

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