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Dawn Wood Tree

Dawn Wood Trees are the oldest of all the trees in the world. There are only about twenty or thirty left in the heart of @Brentwood Forest. The elves have enchanted and built their kingdom in these trees, living at one with them and protecting them. The largest of these is the center of their training grounds and it holds a special stone at its heart that puts an enchanted, invisible dome around the remains of the elven kingdom that only allows those that are not evil to enter.

The smallest of the remaining Dawn Wood Trees is forty-foot in diameter, while the largest at the center of the group is more than one-hundred-foot in diameter. The elves have used druidic and arcane magics to gently turn the massive limbs of the Dawn Wood trees into buildings and walkways. One can count on a hand how many people have seen these trees who were not Brentwood elves and none of the evil beings in the world, even during the Demon Wars, have seen them beyond flying past them at a distance overhead.

There is no one alive in the world that knows how old these trees are, though there is speculation that these are the first trees to have grown in the world. The oldest tales in the vast elven library hidden in the limbs of these trees talk of the trees being as big as they are today as if they are ageless.

Just being in their presence grants elves a bonus to their wilderness lore, listen and spot checks as they are put at ease and knowledge seems to be readily available to them. All druids and other nature spell users gain a level boost to all their spells as if they were arcane spell users near a magic well in the area of the Dawn Wood trees.

Scientific Name
Conservation Status
This type of tree is under the protection of the wood elves of Brentwood Forest.
Average Height
1000 feet

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