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Ulal Hammerfall

Ulal Hammerfall is an old dwarf, over 150 years old. He lived in Starrengeld for a while and learned smithing from one of the lower tier guilds. When the previous smithy in Starren passed, he took over as the village’s new smithy. He focuses mostly on work, so isn’t very personable, and whether it is true or an act, he comes across as more than half deaf. The village of Starren and the surrounding farms all rely on Ulal to keep their labor animals shoed and their tools in order, and he is also able to pick up work from people travelling through in need of a quick repair. His work is considered very high quality for the area, having come down from the city of Starrengeld Hall, however he is known for making tools and that is all. He would really like to make his name as a weaponsmith, but most will not take him seriously. To try and spread his name, he offers the Erylian Epic party a masterwork quality sword as long as they promise to kill Grimfang with it and spread the word.

Current Location
Village of Starren
Dark blue
Black with streaks of grey, tied back and frazzled

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