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Lydia Stonewall

Lydia Stonewall is the mayor of Starren. She is a young dwarf, in her 50s, with a stout, stocky, build, and dark auburn hair. She is a very pleasant dwarf and happy to welcome all newcomers to her village. She usually greets carts and their drivers as they approach the village, will help them get their cart and horse stabled up for their stay, and give them a short tour.   As the party enters the Village of Starren, they are greeted by Lydia, who happens to notice the damage done to their cart.While speaking to her, they learn of a gnoll problem in the area, led by what the surrounding area has come to call Grimfang. Though she feels that Grimfang is somewhat of an exaggerated legend, the fact of the matter for her is that carts are being attacked on the road between Port Norsal and Starren. She isn't too concerned with who or what is behind it, she would just like to see it put to an end and safety returned to the path.   Unfortunately, these events are largely only effecting the smaller merchants travelling along the road. The large ingot carts going from Starrengeld to Port Norsal are very well protected by members of the Blackguard, and higher class merchants visiting Starrengeld from Port Norsal are able to afford mercenaries to defend their cargo, so the problem hasn't grown big enough for either city to invest much effort in putting a stop to it.

Current Location
Village of Starren
Wavy, Auburn

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