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Adamantine bears an archaic name for 'diamond' as the root of describing it, and for good reason; it is one of three materials which are considered tied for the hardest material in existence. Due to the rarity of adamantine and orichalcum, however, nobody has run extensive tests on the matter. Those who have were quietly, firmly dissuaded from trying to figure it out. What is known, is adamantine is quite capable of breaking anything used on it, save for orichalcum or adamantine tools.

Unlike orichalcum and mithril, adamantine does appear in ore form as a smoky-black metallic deposit which can shatter tools driven into it at the usual force a miner would use. As much as it is known to appear in ore clusters, locating it has been the dream and nightmare of many independent mining groups exploring untapped territory with the hopes to run into it. The dream is to find it, and be able to sell it for a profit which makes mining companies able to retire in short order. The nightmare is realizing you've found it and not having the tools to deal with it, needing to rely on others to give you the tools and not simply eliminate you as competition to claim it themselves. And, unlike orichalcum, it can be reworked after being shaped and finished with great amounts of energy put to it.

Adamantine, thusly, is a legendary metal which few get to see great amounts of. With the ability to withstand damage, many have theorized of fortifying structures with it or even casting entire doors out of it. However, with the scarcity of the metal it is impossible if not implausible to do so.

Manufacturing process

To work adamantine, first it needs to be melted down in a forge of sufficient temperature. This has the added benefit of removing all potential impurities from the metal itself, before it is cast either into prepared molds or ingots. Of course, working those ingots is every bit as work-intensive as to work it from the raw material. The time and effort required makes refined ingots more of a storage solution.


Adamantine tools are among the rarest you can find, to the point of being priceless. Similarly, there are weapons and armor which have been crafted from the material and are nigh impossible to locate easily. Other objects exist made of adamantine, which are even more significant since the properties of the metal lend itself more useful as tools, arms, or armor. One known object is a chain of adamantine links worn by the head of the dwarven Steelhold clan.
Item type
Raw Material
Related Technologies
Extremely rare
In essence, the basic tools of a smith's trade are required, but the material and the circumstances complicate matters. Current-day smiths are not commonly able to work the metal, due to tools lacking the required durability and forges lacking the temperatures required to make adamantine workable.


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