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Gold ballpoint Pens

Gold ballpoint pens differ from ballpoint pens made out of Gold. The latter is simply a pen with normal ink that some extremely rich person decided to make fancy. They are expensive because hiring a Smith to make a pen and not something useful like a sword is ridiculous. Gold ballpoint pens are pens that use liquid physical Gold as their ink, and may be fancy on the outside.   The use of the liquid Gold means that anything written with the pen cannot be destroyed. It is in the world permanently, even if the piece of paper, napkin, or hand it was written on is destroyed. If the pen's ink is summoned and the original item it was written on is destroyed, it will quickly transfer to whatever it is given to rest on. If the ink still physically exists on an item, then when summoned, it will be an identical copy of the first.  


To use a Gold ballpoint pen, it must first be activated by clicking the part on the top. Like every other pen. However, for the ink to begin to flow, you must write out the title of the work you are about to create. This is magically binding, so screwing this part up is going to make summoning the ink later extremely difficult. It's recommended that you write out the title in normal pen first, then write over top it with the Gold. To write out a title, and make the ink start to flow, you move the pen in a quick motion (i.e: WWW), and write the title in all caps. Clicking the pen off seals this as the title to the ink. After this step, the pen can now be used to write anything. To declare a work complete, and allowing the pen to be used for another work, one of the five mother's runes must be drawn and the author's name must be signed.   After a work is complete, any Gold ballpoint pen can be used to summon the ink. Simply holding a pen with enough ink left and saying the title of the work will cause it to be written out on its own accord. Unless you would prefer your desk be covered in a ton of Gold words, though, summoning the ink should also require providing enough paper for the work to be written on.  


Now, this may all seem like an excellent way of stealing your favourite book series, but alas, Gold ballpoint pens are not common. They can only be made by Royals because of the liquid Gold required, and Royals do not give these pens away to anyone. Instead, these pens have been used to write declarations of wars and peace treaties. And the only book series that you could steal with them are the collective discoveries about the Gold the Royals have made in the last 1000 years. So amazingly, they don't hand them out to normal people.   Being presented with a Gold ballpoint pen is considered an honour. And it's usually only for Gold-clads. Otherwise, the sole ownership of Gold ballpoint pens goes to the Royals. To have one is to have your words being worth known forever.
137 x 12.5 mm
Base Price
Only important people can get this, rich unimportant people need not apply


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