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Elite Royal Guard

Those that have been chosen to guard their particular Royal and have been honoured with becoming "elites" through the elitism spell. While an honoured position that places the soldiers above the regular military and gives them enhanced abilities, it comes at the sacrifice of their free will.  


While the military of a country protects the Royals from external threats, the Elite Royal Guard was created to protect the Royals from internal threats. Or more specifically, protect the Royals from their own people that they might've pissed off. Some Royals aren't wise enough to think that making the people, who have all the pointy sticks, hate you is a bad idea. The Royal Guard allows for them to still have pointy sticks on their own side, no matter how pissed everyone else is at them. It also doesn't matter if the Royal Guard would side with the people, given the spell of Elitism, they literally cannot disobey the Royals.  


No one would really want to join the Royal Guard if the only thing it offered was having to slaughter your friends and family if they were to rise up against the Royals. Instead, most are led to believe that this is an event that is very unlikely. This isn't exactly a lie, but given the purpose of the guard is to respond to such a thing it isn't much of the truth either.  Still, it is seen as an honour to get to work directly under the Royals. The spell of Elitism gives the soldiers enhanced abilities such as being faster, better response times, and simply being stronger. They're also unable to be dusted by any Royal. This is a massive benefit in and of itself, and forces any fights against Royals to be that of martial strength, rather than how quick a Royal can snap their fingers.  


Those that are selected to be part of the Royal Guard are usually the exceptionally strong, given that in a case of a rebellion they'd be fighting members of the military to protect the Royals. While the need for loyalty is easily negated by use of the Elitism spell, it is often desired. To be admitted into the rank of the Royal Guard is to be seen as one of the strongest and most loyal of soldiers. At least by most people.  


The uniform for the Royal Guard is similar to the standard military uniform. However, instead of the bronze-clad Royal Guards uniforms reflect the silver-clad uniforms. They have a wide, solid strip of their rank metal on both arms, and all members of the Royal Guard have a wide strip down the sides of their pants. They lack a badge on the top.   Aside from their uniform, members of the Royal Guard are noticeable by the tattoo of Gold that covers their backs. Like a brand it identifies which Royal they serve, but all include a three pointed crown at the top, the points are noticeable above the collar of their uniform.


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