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Anbar (Ann-Bar)

Anbar is a mining community and sits in the Heart of Mount. Lagisur the largest peak in the Gig Gasan Kurene
range. The City is surrounded by large caverns that lead to miles and miles of maze-like mining shafts. From these shafts comes the vast majority of Anbar's metals, Which are then turned into usable ingots in the city by smelting houses. Because of the heat from ingot production to keep the city at a reasonable temperature the city has large intake and outlet vent pipes, leading up out of the mountain to vent off the heat of the ingot production and force fresh are down into the city and mines.


50% Dwarf / 50% Lizardfolk / >1% Human


Anbar's government is essentially a rotating chair of one of the four smelting houses and one of the seven mining organizations owners in Anbar with the other the remaining then as an oversight board for changes to local governance. the chair is rotated one every 2 years and laws put in place by the former chair can not be overridden until they have been in place for 4 years from creation or there is a unanimous decision to change or alter the law by all 11 committee members.

Industry & Trade

Anbars main industry is ingot production for use by blacksmiths


Blast furnaces, Large scale excavation tools, Ventilation Pipes, Plumbing and Sewer

Guilds and Factions

Smelting houses

  • Killian's - a smelting house that specializes in quick ingot turnaround for small batch orders.
  • Sweveral's - a smelting house specializing in specialty metal ingots such as titanium, Osmium, Iridium, and Tungsten.
  • Brave Halls - a smelting house that specializes in purity above all else in their ingots.
  • Othrend Co. - a smelting house that specializes in large-scale commercial orders of ingots.

Mining Organization

  • Dulahan's - an organization that specializes in ultra-deep mining
  • Redal - an organization focused on tunnel building and maintenance for the other mining orgs.
  • Screntiv Brothers - an organization that specializes in the exploration of old mine shafts for materials left behind
  • Gwert's - an organization that specializes in blast mining
  • Peak Picks  - largest operation in Anbar employees about 30% of its people
  • Katerk - an organization that specializes in using large mining equipment to quickly mine ore veins
  • Eshra - the newest organization looking to holistically use the mountain's resources by using the waste rock to make bricks
Founding Date
1000 WH
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
Owning Organization

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