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1963, 3A.

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Every ending is a new beginning.

  From the smoking shells of cities, survivors emerge to build a volatile society after a catastrophic war that pruned ancient lineages and families that had ruled for generations–the promised Third Apocalypse. But, whether by luck or cunning, a few houses live to form a duplicitous alliance.  

We have rebuilt. We have recuperated. And we have learnt nothing.

  Their descendants struggle to retain influence in this new world, each vying for control over the last vestiges of hospitable land. They fight with armies and seduction and magic powered by the very source that had wiped out all life on a continent. Creeping towards their lands, lightstorms–ethereal rains of light that turns steel soft as chalk and twists humans into monstrous beings–grow ever stronger and destructive.  

They whisper that the Fourth Age approaches, one that humanity will not live to see.


Welcome to the Vegard Archives.

  The most comprehensive record of Ereya's history, technologies and people, created to prevent another dark age of knowledge when the Fourth Apocalypse inevitably arrives. Every article is framed in this organisation's perspective, coloured by their biases and beliefs. Why not start with an introduction to the Archives by one of its own members?  
The Vegard Archives
Organization | Feb 1, 2022

A collection of all known knowledge regarding Ereya

  Magic shapes the world and its history. Even after centuries of research, much is still a mystery.  
Fox-Kamiya Particles | nuons
Physical / Metaphysical Law | Feb 17, 2022

The ability to indirectly manipulate reality via omnipresent sub-atomic particles tied to the nature of the universe


Ongoing Challenges:

Bard Challenge
Dinara Görah
Character | Feb 17, 2022

A highly influential Asuran opera actress, singer and scriptwriter

  Flash Challenge: A Settlement on the Edge
Settlement | Feb 20, 2022
There are many strange words–some familiar but used differently, while others are utterly foreign. If you need a quick reminder, check out:  
Generic article | Feb 1, 2022

Words and meaning