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The Vegard Archives

We record... stuff about the world.
— Archivist Jani Suibhrí
  If you're reading this, you've obtained permission from the SVCA to access the Archives and its resources, an incredible feat that is worthy of congratulations. If you haven't, and you're still reading this, I'm sorry to inform you that you will be suffering from immediate and critical internal pressure from within the cranium thanks to the wards set on the documents. We request you to kindly not spill your brain matter all over the floor. The Archives are enough of a mess as it is.   What are the Vegard Archives? We record... stuff about the world*. The Archives was founded by, what was his name again, Bahar Cevder, some Asuran philosopher/scientist/historian who believed that omniscient entities from alternate dimensions were going to manifest on Ereya and enlighten all of us. So, the nutter wanted to provide them with a nifty guide to the world. Obviously–well, hopefully–the Archives' current objective is to collate and secure as much knowledge as possible so that, should the Fourth Apocalypse fall upon us, humanity won't be reset back to medieval times again.   Along with the rest of the Institution, we're located in the Palace of Seisyll, which is neat. Specifically, we're stuck in the damp, leaky basement, which is less neat. I'm pretty sure we're holed down here so that the "proper" researchers and scientists upstairs can pretend we don't exist, even though they've all come down here to use our work at some point or another. There's just twenty-one of us miserable lot to put down the entirety of Ereya's history into writing. Twenty-two, if you include Irén, but she's only here to flirt with Farzajeh. Granted, there's not much history left for us to write down that's not been obliterated during the Unnamed War, but we're still inundated by pending requests for articles, angry letters demanding corrections, ridiculously expensive blocks of rocks that are assuredly artefacts from the First Age, and seemingly endless piles of paperwork. We're understaffed and out of coffee. Eir is the Senior Archivist but she's only really the "supervising adult." Yura is in charge–he's practically born for the job. I've never seen anyone so passionate about Early Third Age technological standards for experimental cellular networks. That was a compliment, boss.


Sitting right on top is the Archival Director, a position that can be shared between several members of the Archives. They're supposed to lead the Archive, make sure everyone's working together–the "face" of the Archives that the rest of the Institute talks to if they want to see something.   There's the Acquisition Officer. They acquire things. Actually, it says here they have a managerial role: sorting out the pending lists, deciding which articles have higher priority and managing the creation of each article.   Then, there's the Archivist a.k.a. everyone else. They run around doing the bidding of the higher-ups and the actual writing of articles. Anyone can be forced to–sorry–volunteer to go out on the field to collect data should the Institute's records be insufficient. Usually, it's left to the rookies (After all, if you can survive that, you might survive the Institute. It's an unofficial entry exam). Every year or so, the Institute organises expeditions for its various experiments and departments, and the Archives usually sends representatives to record. There have yet been expeditions solely for the Archives, which shows how much they care.

Notes from the Archives:

  How are you not fired yet?   I have no idea what you mean.   You called the founder of the Archives you are employed at a "nutter."   Just my honest opinions. We're trying to support the truth, aren't we?   The number of times you've antagonised Yura but he doesn't do anything except shout for a bit, which is really uncharacteristic of him. Don't tell me you–and him?   Well, there was that one time we got drunk, but there were two other guys around so it didn't go anywhere except the worse hangover I've ever had. Maybe I'm just really good at my job.   Sure, Jani.
  *In the future, the archives will also contain articles about the sister planet, Aisa, and the solar system.

Hail, Posterity

Educational, Library
I'm pretty sure the upstairs folk call us "moles," and frankly, moles are lovely, so thank you.
Parent Organization

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