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  • Affinity: the ability of a person (and possibly animals) to reorient AND the side-effects
  • Affinitive potential: how much is something able to reorient or for a person to use their affinity at a given point in time, depending on factors such as the degree of affinity and ambience. Almost everything has a fluctuating potential. Critically high potential can cause nuon-poisoning and, over a large enough area, lightstorms.
  • Affinitive displacement: When a person loses their affinity or an object loses its reorientation due to the presence of something with higher affinitive potential.
  • Ambience: The measurement of the number of threads in a given area.
    • Equitorial ambience: The level of ambience on the surface of Ereya at the equator, which is the "safe" level of ambience for human survivability.
  • Ambience corrosion: The loss of baseline properties and subsequent disintegration at a molecular level due to the instability in reality in areas of high ambience.
  • Bender: People with true affinity (everything excluding passivity), with the ability to "bend" threads at will.
  • Degree (affinity): The overall level of one's affinity.
  • Kachasān: A synthetic material chemically similar to living flesh used to provide protection against nuon-poisoning
  • Lightstorms: Natural reorientation resulting in a 'rain' of light
  • Nuon (Fox-Kamiya particles): Particles travelling in straight lines through space, time and matter that cause weird shit to happen when they are pulled from their path.
  • Nuon-poisoning: A different term for ambience corrosion
  • Reorientation: a material's ability to alter the path of nuons as they travel through space
  • Thread (affinitive mechanics): Nuons travelling in a line through space-time
  • Szardiye: An alloy of iridium with orientating properties.

Words to think about:

  • Name of the scientific group that came up with the system for naming affinities

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