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I heard about this website and thought it sounded like a really cool and interesting idea and worth a shot, so here I am! I’ve always been into fantasy and I enjoy writing, though I often struggle to come up with ideas for plots. That’s another reason why I thought this sounded like the right thing for me- I don’t necessarily have to have a plot, but I can still create a world. As of writing this profile I am very new to World Anvil and am still experimenting quite a bit (so don’t expect too much ;)), but if you want to, check out my first world: the Isles of the Lights!

Favorite TV Series

Downton Abbey/Sherlock/Good Omens

Favorite Books

Tough choice...

Favorite Writers

J.R.R. Tolkien


Latest Loved work

Togae, He Who Sings Death

Dinara Görah


Feathery Societarian

Cozamatli - Wandering Tribes of the South


Folly the Dog

The Lunar Scar