Northern Tonarian

Erenel World Map

North of the Krovian Empire and Sundermist Tips, the continent reaches out into the Frigid North Sea. Although the Caelian control territory around the expanse, they would never dare pass through the thick layer of protective fog, which conceal the terrors of the region. All Caelian who live along the mist’s edge knows the stories of lost clan members, claimed by Sanguis lords who govern openly and proudly, treating the living as nothing more than property to be drained and discarded.


Nephistrad Kingdom
  • Avacyn
  • Breylet
  • Falkovnia
  • Lammas
  • Mor'zi
  • Nova Vaasi Ruins
  • Razmiran
  • Illuminated Church
  • Leoric's Stand
  • Light's Awe
  • Geography

  • Frigid North
  • Golden Heights
  • Howling Highlands
  • Nevermore Expanse
  • Ravens Roost
  • Red Lake
  • Somberwald
  • Thicket's Grin Forest
  • Places of Interest

  • Precipice of Horror
  • Clerics of the light are little more than signposts, pointing out a way for others that they never go themselves. Do they feel remorse? I never quite grasped its utility. - Harlock Von Lishken
    by Dean Spencer


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