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When the Godsgate collapsed, taking with it humanity's glorious empire and their very Gods, the Age of Terror had begun. Rifts torn in space and time let countless extradimensional entities into Eramon, and among these were beings of both the shining Upper Planes, who sired the Aasimar among the folk they protected, and those of the Lower Planes...whose dark and twisted designs among mortals left lasting shadows. Those whose ancestors lay with Devils and Demons in that dark time are sometimes born with manifestations of that fiendish bloodline upon their very skin; they are the Tieflings.   Feared, mistrusted and scorned by many, Tieflings are a rare sight in the civilised lands of Eramon.   Their numbers are uncertain, for many seem to be born spontaneously from dormant bloodlines; they have no unifying culture save that they have defined for themselves. Some may seek out other Tieflings to form some sense of community; others shun their own kind and do their best to fit in with the other races around them.   The vast majority of Tieflings can be found in the rough and ready Midkingdoms, where dark talents find many uses; in Qadoris, where the sorcerous and otherworldly are accepted parts of society, and in fiery and brutal Tamuz, where a child of Hell might feel right at home. In places like Valderia and Sukima they are rare indeed, and may face prejudice and intolerance; in Sukima they are often referred to as kin to the Oni and Akuma of legend, and sometimes hired to hunt Yokai and other dark spirits for the benefit of wary villagers.   There are few places they can truly call home. The shadow of the Tiefling's fiendish blood is very rarely far from their trail.

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