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Arriving from the West in a fleet of warships concurrent to the waves of Orcish settlers with whom they shared an uneasy alliance at the time, the Hobgoblins or 'Heraka' of Eramon are a proud and ferocious people marked by a rigid military culture and an unending belief in their own superiority.   Where the Orcs came to plunder, settle and prospect, the Hobgoblins unashamedly came to conquer. Their rigid, if barbaric code of honor and their penchant for brutal slavery brought them into conflict with the Orcs over their enslavement of a great number of Goblin clans, whose ingenuity the Orcs wished to make use of in their industrial projects, and with the Humans, Dwarves and Elves whose lands they were invading. The resulting wars beat the borders of Hobgoblin conquest back; but the coals of ambition never truly die...   Hobgoblins are keenly intelligent, highly organized and master tacticians, but their unwillingness to bend or adapt can be their achilles heel. Hobgoblin culture reveres martial prowess to an a profound, cult-like extent, and finds great pleasure in the ordering of things and discomfort in the unpredictable freedoms that other cultures espouse. Hobgoblins may struggle to even understand why others 'want' to be free and not relieved to occupy their rightful place under Hobgoblin subjugation. This 'might makes right' philosophy extends to their dealings with other races; a Hobgoblin will respect only those of superior rank and are unafraid to relieve the weak of command.    Hobgoblins have large enclaves and fortresses across Eramon, where they tirelessly fight an endless succession of small-scale (and some would say, petty) wars for turf and status. They thrive in their own or mixed-goblinoid armies but will comfortably slot into any mercenary company or military command where discipline is strict and well-enforced; large numbers of Hobgoblin mercenaries have made their services available to the Daimyo of Sukima, whose martial prowess and honour code they respect even if they chafe at the many subtler nuances of the culture around it. Hobgoblins can also be found testing their mettle in the employ of Qadoric city-states sending expeditions into Tamuz and even the Deadlands...for nowhere does a Hobgoblin fear to draw steel.

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