Standard Coinage

Korvian Black Bank mints all coinage used across Era'Guya. Each coin is minted in an official Korvian Coin Forge leaving a unique magic signature.         Copper(0.01g) Silver(0.1g) Gold(1g) Platinum(10g) Onyx(100g) Emerald(1,000g) Ruby(10,000g) Sapphire(100,000g)

Manufacturing process

Korvian Coin Forge

Item type
Currency & Deeds
Owning Organization
Korvian Black Bank
Controlled Substance
1 inch Diameter x 0.125 inches
Raw materials & Components
An equal amount of raw material, the material is based on the coin.
Magically Smelted


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Helped inspire me to think of how the money in my world, keep it up!