Jalla "Meow Meow" Calleio

Pilot on board of the Caleidoscope a small cargo transporter .

Sheering quite fast over the treetops, a small bulky transporter comes to a stop, hovering with a low humming noise. It turns a few degrees and then descends rapidly to the platform where it keeps hovering motionless just a few centimeters above the platform.


Jalla quickly moves out of the pilot’s chair, glancing quickly on several screens, making sure it is safe to exit. The left side of the vehicle opens as a seamless and nearly invisible hatch retracts in a circular motion. A young woman appears and looks around. Taking a deep breath, she enjoys a moment before returning inside. The cargo hold is almost empty, and she grabs the last stack of crates with the Mag Lev Trolley. It makes no sound, lifting the stack up. She pulls the MLT back through the hatch with no effort. Jalla jumps on a footstep while the MLT floats down from the ship’s cargo floor in a slow motion. Jalla steps off and pulls the MLT along to a staircase on the far end of the platform.

“Jorn?” she calls out… no response. She listens closely. Birds in the trees chirp and a dog barks in the distance, but other than that… nothing. She pulls the MLT over the stairs down slowly descending, keeping perfectly horizontal. A male voice responds “I detect no other human life signs.” Jalla responds “thanks.” to the ships AI.


The MLT is narrow enough to fit through the door, and she pulls it along inside the cabin where she unloads the MLT. After she has stacked all the packages in the cabin, she brings the MLT back to the transporter.

Jalla calls to the vehicle “Hey, i’m going to investigate a little, secure the perimeter for me” she unlocks her sidearm and hops back out. The vehicle closes the door behind her and lifts 30 feet in the air. Her retina becomes more prominent visible and shows her additional tactical information. A male voice sounds: “All Clear, perimeter activated.”


Jalla heads down to the cabin and opens a floor hatch, allowing descending into the forest.

Current Location
Currently Boarded Vehicle
Biological Sex
Green, bright eyes
black stylised hair
Skin Tone
Healthy bronzed color
Owned Vehicles

Character Portrait image: Portrait Jalla "Meow Meow" Calleio by Akimotos


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