Short Story: Deathly Flowers

Because of the rash action of her neighbour, Heir Lyrienne, Éldorine finds herself in the deadly Black Forest in the search of miracle apples.   This is a short story I wrote as a companion piece for my article The murderous Alyssenne flowers. It is available to read on World Anvil.  

Deathly Flowers

  Articles associated with this story:  
  • The characters:
Heiress Éldorine Alyssenne
Heir Lyrienne  
  • The wildlife:
The murderous Alyssenne flowers
The Lyrienne apple trees
The Abyss and the sea creatures  
  • The locations:
Estate of Alyssenne
Estate of Lyrienne  
  • The artefacts:
Location pentagrams

Table of Contents

Cover image: A Lyrienne apple tree with a family of Alyssenne flowers, by AmélieIs with images from <a href="">Unsplash</a>


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