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In a world where magic is rampant, those with little or none at all often feel powerless. In the last years of Queen Lufir Elturandis' reign, Sackrym the Skull Mage came to power. In order to defend his homeland surrounding Mralgir, Sjalir Makic began training the locals to fight in order to resist the Mage's sorcerous minions. While their homeland was under the thumb of the Skull Mage, Sjalir's group of fighters became known as the Arc-Breakers for their hit and run tactics, and prowess in fighting Mage's. Sackrym was never able to find the group's bases, and they remained a thorn in his side. As soon as Sackrym left Mralgir in force, the Arc-Breakers were able to easily take back their home from the token force that the Skull Mage left. The Arc-Breakers have since become the foremost mage hunters within Elturia. The group currently calls Elecedge Hall their home within Muralgir. However, their numbers have grown drastically in the last few years, and they can be found throughout Elturia.
Often mistrustful of those with too much magical power, the Arc-Breakers seek to root out magical tyranny in any form. Though many of them claim to owe fealty to the Throne of Aldhon, many of them are at least wary of Queen Freja's frightening ability with frost magic. With the recent uprising in the Alboldir Valley some members of the Arc-Breakers have willfully enlisted within Naerfi Skjol's forces, seeing it as an opportunity to dethrone a powerful mage. While the leadership of the organization preaches neutrality in the conflict, they do not punish their members for fighting on either side. Should members of the organization find each other on opposing sides of a battle, they are to not engage and seek their objectives elsewhere. Ever since Naerfi Skjol's forces "liberated" Mralgir, he has recieved a distinct advantage with more members of the Arc-Breakers joining his forces.



The code of the Arc-Breakers is to hunt rampant magic and corruption wherever it may lie. They strive to halt magical anomolies, and should an arcane entity threaten the land they are to answer the call to see its demise. When there is no grave threat, they act as a mercenary group that specializes in hunting mages. With the proper coin, and right motivation, they can be convinced to hunt and capture almost any arcane magic user. Though they will only kill an individual if they have been brought proof of the individuals missdeeds. Many members of the organization seek to gain some prowess with a blade, and then return home to protect their friends and family with their newfound knowledge.  

Figures of Interest

Sjalir Makic

Chaotic Good, male Hobgoblin   Still in his prime, Sjalir Makic is a proud Hobgoblin who founded the organization in an effort to protect his home. He lives up to the ideal of "to defeat your enemy, you must think like them." Sjalir has spent untold hours learning everything he can about arcana and has developed a small amount of arcane prowess. He advocates for the initiates to learn a small amount of magic as well without being tempted to fully plunge its secrets. Sjalir boasts a stubborn personality with a keen mind for arcana and tactics. He will (unoficially of course) disregard any law put forth by the crown that gets in his way of pursuing a mage that threaten the common people.  

Khilari Brak

Neutral, female Dwarf   Recruits will quickly get to know the stern voice and strong hand of Khilari Brak. Khilari was among the first that Sjalir trained during the Skull Mage's occupation. Hardened by war, Khilari is a stern teacher but she gets results. She believes that the organization should stay out of any sort of political conflict, and does not hold back her opinion regarding the matter. Khilari has currently "retired" from training since she feels that her organization is being taken over by Skjol, and is frustrated that Sjalir is allowing it to happen.  

Peryn Aebra

Chaotic Good, Male Ir-touched   A righteous but stoic individual, Peryn Aebra was Sjalir's protege, and took his lessons to heart. Before Muralgir was captured by Skjol, Peryn crossed the Turian Straight to join others in Aldhon. He currently leads the group that operates on this side of the straight. They currently seek information on a group of sorcerers that are dabbling with necromantic magics. Peryn has garnered a great deal of respect within the organization for keeping a cool head under pressure, and is quickly developing a reputation for being a good leader. Paeryn is unaware of the situation in Mralgir, where most of his brothers are opting to fight with Naerfi Skjol. He knows that some have joined his cause but does not understand the extent yet.


With the sacking of Mralgir, many of the Arc-Breakers have been conscripted into the Skjollir army.

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