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Copan Shire

Travelers moving south from either the forest mountain kingdom of Samakar or the grasslands of the Freecities cross the overgrown Middlestall hills. This brings them to the wide expanse of the Durstead Foothills, or a place more commonly known as Copan Shire.
In comparison to regions north, Copan Shire is more pastoral with rolling hills covered in a green sea of grass. Dense forest groves are scattered across the middle hills of the region. In between the hills and forests are streams flowing down from northern ponds to the Silvermist Sea shore in the south.

Across the Rolling Hills to the Silvermist Sea

The region of Copan Shire, as most understand it, stretches from the Middlestall hills in the north to the Silvermist Sea shoreline in the south. To the east, is the edge of the Demar Forest and the blue sparkling waters of Lake Peniwick. At the West lies the Carngray Marshes and the blighted ruins of Agmir Torash.
Wide streams, small rivers, and ancient, white stone travel roads cross the area. The latter are well used by merchants and other travelers moving through Copan Shire.
However, Copan Shire is more than a region. As is the custom of the locals, the name of ‘Copan Shire’ also takes on a different meaning based on intent. Though they tend to claim that the region name of Copan Shire and the unofficial kingdom name or trade alliance that is also called ‘Copan Shire’ sounds very different from each other.

A Loose Sort of Arrangement

Copan Shire is not a unified kingdom. In fact, each settlement is an independent city-state within the understood borders of the region. Each one has their own ruler, laws, and means to enforce those laws. They also maintain their own militias in times of defense. Many of these militias are kept busy at least once a season, some every few months.
These city-states, called ‘barcos’ by the locals, have a trading agreement. This arrangement is similar to a merchant’s league to protect trade and trading interests between the barcos.
Financial, Merchant League
Neighboring Nations

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