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Calderiana is a beautiful high-altitude primrose found in Rythwood Forest and Sauyat Mountains.  Flowers are dark purple to magenta with a golden eye atop leafless stems 5-30 cm tall. Leaves are spoon-shaped to inverted-lanceshaped, toothed, 5-20 x 1-3.5 cm. The flowering stem is much taller than the leaves. Flowers are up to 2 cm across, with obovate overlapping petals. The flower-tube is twice as long as the sepal cup. Sepal cup is often tinged with purple, bell-shaped, 5--8 mm, glandular, parted to the middle, sepals ovate to ovate-oblong, tip blunt to pointed. Flowers are dark purple to rich maroon, rarely white, tube 1-1.4 cm, limb 1.5-3.5 cm wide, petals broadly obovate to circular, notched.
Scientific Name
Primula calderiana

Cover image: by CB Ash


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