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Northern blaze

"The northern blazes, they are truly beautiful to see. Its a blessing of Regulus himself when the long and dark winter descends upon us. It is a beacon of hope for all of us in the dark and trying times of winter, a reminder for us to keep on fighting despite all of the darkness around us, which we must do in these trying times" But in the end, with the blessings of the divines themselves, we shall win. Long live the Imperium"!   Attributed toHans Christian Danielsen
  The northern blazes are the name given to the lights that sometimes blanket the entire sky during the winter months in the polar regions of Inaria . They are thought to be some kind of divine blessing given by the god of light, Regulus during the dark winter months. Serving as sometimes the only source of natural light besides the moon during the long polar nights, the northern blaze is widely revered by all across Inaria.


The Northern blazes manifest as gigantic streaks of light consisting mostly of green and golden as well as red , purple , blue and white ones as well. They usually appear in wavy bands but can sometimes occur in straight lines as well as other shapes. Whenever they appear, a low pitched noise occurs around the area


Aurorae usually occur around the northern and southern polar regions of Elladia

Metaphysical, Divine

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