Element 133

April 1rst, 2 years After the End

Welcome to the beginning of our newest campaign! This is quite an endeavor for all of us. But I'm so very excited to give this a try! Below is a brief description of the campaign and how it will run, as well as details on scheduling and how to use World Anvil. Element 133 is a tabletop roleplaying ruleset and campaign written by Bree Peterson for Chaotic Luck D&D. A combination of several rulesets including Dungeons and Dragons 5E, D20 Modern, and several sources of Homebrew content to create a flexible modern ruleset for a post-apocalyptic Earth.

Heroes VS Villains

What is the difference between a good person and an evil one? And who becomes the Heroes or Villains in our history books? After the fall of civilization in the year 2038, the remnants of humanity struggle to redefine what it means to be human. Will you help those less fortunate? Or use the fall of government to create your own? Will you focus on the needs of a few or try to restore some civility to the torn landscape that North America has become? Traveling and building relationships across the former United States will be made all the more difficult by a series of political, monstrous, and alien obstacles. The campaign will consist of three phases.

Phase One begins in 2 years A.E. (After the End) soon after radiation from a massive asteroid and mankind's attempts to halt its journey made the surface inhospitable for the most part. Small clusters of society have retreated to bunkers across the states. A group of unlikely survivors you will travel attempting to collect resources and find other groups. But it won't be easy, the wildlife has been mutated by the radiation and new 'Creatures' have become the apex predators on the surface.

Phase Two begins in 30 A.E., and humanity has begun to repair and rebuild. But as the ruins of cities are reclaimed, new diseases and mutations have begun to spread like wildfire through the already struggling human population. As zombies, mutants, and diseases rush across the country you will strive to find a cure or exploit these new powerful weapons.

Phase Three begins in 120 A.E. five years after the arrival of the Intergalactic Federation, or ya know ALIENS. Depending on gameplay during Phase One and Two you will play as superheroes striving to bring peace to the planet, or as super villains hoping to destroy a dystopian government.

Where to Start

As the modification and combination of rulesets have resulted in a familiar but significantly different ruleset I am providing you with this website. Here you will find rules, character creation details, and tools to use during the campaign. Including a Player's Handbook, World Atlas, World Wiki, Digital Character Sheets, Rollable Tables, Weapons Locker, Monster Manual, and a Campaign Notes Manager.

Even for veteran players I'd suggest reading the Introduction article and working your way through the Player's Handbook in order. After that stay posted by checking the Discord and the Content Updates article, to see when other features and articles are released!

UPCOMING SESSION!! - Session 0.4 (The LA Anomaly) on 7/17/2022 @ 10:00 AM