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Dwarven Gemstone Code

(Dwarven Name TBD)   Considered one of the most elusive and unknown (to the outside world) forms of communication, one would be wise to bring a dwarf along with you if you plan on exploring any ancient dwarven ruins.   Though the dwarves of Eldûra are not as secretive as their other-fantasy-world-brothers and sisters, this is the one thing that they outright refuse to share it with the outside world. We are quite fortunate that the current Dwarven King of Silverthrone allowed us to take this brief glimpse of such an unknown treasure.   The dwarven gemstone code is one that is primarily inlaid upon stone tablets and walls. Each letter is represented by one of the many beautiful gemstones that the dwarves had discovered over the years. And since these gemstones came in many colours, it wasn’t difficult for dwarves to craft beautiful mosaics that are able to tell the complete story that the mosaic depicts.   The King showed us what is considered their most magnificent example of this code mosaic, which is mounted behind the Silver Sapphire Throne. It depicts a scene from when all peoples were forced to go underground, and how the dwarves had thrown open their doors and ushered as many refugees as they could fit into their expansive halls. But, when we asked what the story that was hidden in the code, the King gave us an impish grin and did not answer our question.   There are 29 letters in the dwarven alphabet, and there’s a gemstone assigned to each one. And this is how they are paired:   A – Adamite   B – Aragonite   D – Celestine   E – Chrysoberyl   F – Beryl   G – Topaz   H – Quartz   I – Euclase   J – Garnet   K – Moonstone   KH – Jade   L – Jasper   M – Opal   N – Malachite   O – Onyx   P – Spinel   Q – Serpentine   R – Tourmaline   S – Diamond   T – Sapphire   TH – Zoisite   U – Agate   V – Zircon   W – Selenite   X – Amblygonite   Y – Datolite   Z – Fluorite   ZH – Gypsum   ‘ – Magnesite   The Athenaeum has wanted information on this code for years and despite their in-depth scouring of the old abandoned dwarven halls where the Athenaeum resides, they have failed to glean any sort of information there. But this is as much information the dwarves have allowed them to have, and they have no idea if the grammar and sentence structure or even the slang varies from normal dwarvish dialects.
Type: Code   Inventor: Unknown   Used by: Dwarves (exclusively)   Form: Object-based


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Aug 9, 2023 04:59 by Kat Sanders

Very cool. I like how you actually give the code. This could allow others to make their own secret messages.

Aug 9, 2023 19:52

Thanks for your comment! Go right ahead if you wish to make secret messages ^˽^ I plan to add pictures for each gemstone and examples of mosaics.