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Sigrún of Vídalín (Sig-rune of)

Sigrún (a.k.a. The Queen of Theives)

An infamous highwayman, she is known for her ruthless banditry, targeting of the ruling class. She left the poor alone, but did not go out of her way to provide for them. She is most well known for the invention and deployment of anti mage technology.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Sigrún was born into poverty and lacking magical ability, like most of the populace of Sveldvar. As a result, her education was lacking. Her youth, like that of her siblings and so many others, was spent in the fields. At fifteen, she was courted by a young mage. Like many tragic tales, the love and attention was fleeting.    The young mage married another mage, despite all his promises. She was the mistress, entertainment for him. As his mistress, it would do society no good for her to bare offspring... and so she was forcefully sterilized. The final straw came during a party, where she learned the fate of mistresses when they got too old and lost their beauty. So she began to plot and plan. A year later, on her nineteenth birthday, she ensured her lover and his wife were well inebriated and asleep before she stole several valuables and magic books. She slipped away into the night and had a fateful encounter with a band of brigands.   She joined up with this band and learned everything she needed to that her former lover couldn't or wouldn't teach her. Soon, she was joining the brigands on raids. She was particularly ruthless to the mages, taking several hostage to experiment on, using the books she had stolen. Rune magic, as it happens, is usable by those without magical abilities.    At the age of 34 she found a combination of runes that disabled magic. Using them, she coerced her captives to create several implements, bringing her captives completely under her control through a pairing of iron collars and a linked object. She sold this breakthrough to the rebellion brewing in society, her slave mages producing the collars and matching bracelets.   By the time of her death, she had retired in luxury with her brigand brothers and sisters. She was assassinated by the remnants of the old class, but they were far too late. The method to create the command collars had been passed down to a promising young orphan.
891 AH 943 AH 52 years old
She, Her
Light blue
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Very Light Rose
147 lb


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