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In a world among worlds spread through universes, political tensions are coming to a head. Fighting over resources, territory, and racial rights are at the forefront of conflict. A fledgling nation steps forward with new innovations in an effort to bring peace and an end to the conflict by proposing a joint expeditionary effort.   Far too the west lays an unexplored and presumably uninhabited continent, surrounded by dangerous shoals and barriers. Ships that have made it past these dangers never return, until now. With the industrial Era beginning, headed by a nation of ex criminals and exiles, iron ships have broken past these barriers, but may have hastened the doom of the world.   The new continent houses a well of magical energy, buried deep and protected by fantastical creatures. The pulsing of this whirlpool of magic works in time with five others to encompass the world in a network of flowing energy, a powerful weapon if it falls into the wrong hands.