Magic Eating Vampire

"Woe to the one that is so unlucky. Fear and pain thy constant companion. If only a cure could be found! Alas, thy only recourse is to still the beating heart and free the tormented soul from it's prison within the blight, lest it's cursed essence grow the very pestilence which spawned it."

Transmission & Vectors

Magic vampirism, like blood vampirisim, is transmitted via ingesting too much blood of the vampire. Like other forms of vampirism, it is also able to be afflicted upon an individual through magical means. Unlike other forms of vampirism, this can also naturally occur in any species that is living in a blighted area.


The primary cause of magical vampires is mana stagnation in blighted lands. Creatures born within these blighted lands for several generations often are afflicted with a thinning magical energy that is only replenished by feeding on the magical energy of other living organisms. Due to the constant strain over generations, it is not curable.


Sluggishness after casting, pustules, boils, and gaunt appearance.


There is little treatment for either natural or inflicted magic vampirism. The symptoms can be managed by regular feedings of the afflicted creature to prevent a feral starved state, but it can not be cured.


The prognosis for those afflicted with this is grim. It is a life long condition once contracted and often is a direct result in the death of the afflicted.

Cultural Reception

Those afflicted with this are considered monsters for their need to feed on the magical energy of others as well as unlucky for being born with it. Anything showing symptoms of it are often killed as a mercy to the creature. In some places of the world where blights are common, hunts for the creatures are a regular occurrence for the safety of the general population of flora and fauna.


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