Tearfall Dread

The Tearfall Dread is an affliction associated with the Dark Tearfall. Similar to the Tearfall Mood it is a direct consequence of the changes in the environment during this event. The Dread will visibly corrupt and deform its victims. Unlike the more common Tearfall Mood there is no known cure for the Tearfall Dread.   The affliction has be most intensly studied by the Sabesian Steelknights.  
One of the most heineous deeds by the dark god is his plague of tearfall dread upon the lands. Even after the days of tearfall, this condition can affacte and warp any man who ist not steady in their belief. It will slowly turn you away from all and "see the truth" as warped as possible - thinking Zecod alone is your savior and the world itself is to be hated and destroyed.   You will recognize the victims by the signs. The dread will turn your fingernails black, the color of the evil Zecodspawn.   Any man afflicted with this desease are constantly feeling hunger that cannot be fully satisfied by food   They are drawn towards regions with plenty magic, drawing them in - just like the evil Zecodspawn they seem to be hearing the same calling towards the power. Gathering magic for their lord, so he can rise again.   The afflicted are believed to spread the curse by clawing or biting other people - which they tend to do due to their hightened nervous, paranoid and agressive tendencies. A mighty knight of the Steelknights should not worry - their faith usually is strong enough so the corruption may not afflict them.   We Sabesian Steelknights will alqays searching for and capturing people afflicted by this illnes. If determined they are in fact afflicted, we will mercifully release them from their suffering immediately.


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