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Furui Hyoga

Firbolg leader of Kita Outpost in the Northern Territories, 786 - Present. One of the oldest firbolgs in recorded history, Furui fought for centuries against the Free State of Thorvald's encroachment on the firbolg homelands in the Katlan Mtns until a gruesome massacre forced thousands of Furui's tribesmen to flee the region about a century ago. He led many of them north towards Kita Outpost in Kawa Clan, brokering an agreement with the regional Kawa Clan leadership to manage the icy trading post in return for protection and stability.

In his old age Furui has been happy to see some semblance of peace brought to the region by the formation of Kyoko Hara's Northern Union in 919.
Current Location
Year of Birth
423 512 Years old
Ruled Locations


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