Eidmaharia World of Dreams

81-Bruma 495

So I created this world...

  What started as a dream in 2001 grew into a book, and then another book, then another, and I found that I had the details in a jumbled mess. Notebook after notebook was filled, maps drawn. Eventually I looked for software help. I tried databases, wikis, OneNote, various other writing programs. Honestly keeping organized was hard, especially when you had to conform to someone else's idea of organization. And yet, organizing my own seemed incredibly difficult.   This is where my thoughts go when I try to write a story, or make a character, or just noodle around. Part of me lives here.  

What is Eidmaharia?

  Eidmaharia is an otherworld fantasy world, populated by mages known as dreamers and other odd magics. Some parts are very advanced, and others are rural and wild. Gods roam the lands, while humans try to survive their presence. The stories set here are epic in nature, with even small decisions have very large consequences.  

What's the story?

  The soul is a funny thing. Ephemeral, unknown. Not all souls are created equal, some are only parts of a whole. And sometimes...they are broken apart for a very good reason. The main story running through Eidmaharia is that of a goddess putting herself together and people caught in that maelstrom. The world is changing around them, and they must change with the world to survive.  


I'll try to mark spoilers but honestly...I don't know if anyone will ever read these novels. I hope so. I want people to, but who knows. Maybe one day.
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