Kingdom Of Arkhad

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Demography and Population

The Kingdom of Arkhad is the North most Kingdom of Eidamir and reaches from Veras to the Graylands of the East. It has several large cities as well as many "frontier" towns. These towns are often harassed by the native tribes and as such the Dwarven citizens have become very tough, many of whom often have some military training.   The largest city inside the Kingdom of Arkhad is Akdar. A city which is not directly ruled over by the Dwarven Clans. It lies right on the border of the Kingdom of Arkhad and Oakvale and is actually an independent city state. It has a population of a little over 2,000 people of many different races and functions as a trading hub between the many surrounding Kingdoms, Clans and Tribes.   Arem is the largest Dwarven stronghold and is essentially an underground fortress. Nigh on impossible to siege and the seat of power for all the Dwarven Clans. The Gold Hammer clan is the main force here and it is where Train Gold Hammer rules from. The city itself is an impressive feat of engineering and the few outsiders that get to see it are often left in awe of the sheer magnitude of construction. The population is around 2,000.


The Kingdom of Arkhad is made up of many Dwarven Clans. Some very large whilst some are almost extinct at this point. Each clan maintains it's own army. Though there is an official and organised military for each Clan, most Dwarven citizens receive at least very basic military training. The Dwarves outside of the main cities will spend a lot of their lives fighting nomadic tribes and thus even the local militias will be skilled fighters.   The larger clans have big, heavily armoured infantry ranks with supporting cavalry and advanced war machines. In such armies there will be a well respected chain of command, good pay and job security. Each soldier goes through extensive training but may see very little combat throughout their career. Their armour and weaponry is often very well made and when they march they have full and fat support lines.   The smaller Clans do not have the men or the coin to fund such armies but often field small highly elite Vanguards instead. These Vanguards may not receive the same level of official training but they will often see much more combat and thus, if they survive, become much better fighters. They often buy their own equipment, which allows for much more individual styles and they have to hunt, forage and scavenge what they need in the field when away from their Clans.   It takes a lot of time and money to mobilise an entire Dwarven army and so when the army does march, it must be certain of it's objectives and target. This makes the Dwarves slow to act but also means the armies will march unstoppable when they do.   Seeing an entire Dwarven army in regiment, on the field, ready to fight is an incredible sight that many will never get to see. Luckily.

Foreign Relations

The Dwarven Clans have an uneasy relationship amongst themselves, let alone with anyone else. There is an almost constant bickering between them.   The Dwarven relationship with the native tribes of the area is very strained. The tribes often raid the small Dwarven settlements and it is well known that caravans on the road will need protection. However due to the small tribe sizes and lack of central leadership they have never posed any real threat to the Kingdom. Though with the speed advantage and clever use of guerrilla tactics of the tribes, one could argue that the Dwarven Kingdom could not launch a serious attack without committing enormous amounts of resources.   Most Dwarven trade goes trough Akdar. This allows the Dwarves limited communications with the outside world and thus plays to their idea of being above the other Kingdoms. This also means that whilst Akdar is technically independant, the Kingdom of Arkhad has a vested interested in keeping it say.   The Kingdom of Arkhad has a fairly strong relationship with Oakvale. The two powers do not currently wish to go to war with each other due the sheer carnage that would ensue.
Head of State
Train Goldhammer
Government System
Democracy, Direct
Economic System
Major Exports
The Kingdom of Arkhad has an abundance of natural resources, namely stone, metal and precious gems.   They export:
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Iron
  • Steel
  • Mithril
  • Marble
  • Diamonds
  • Rubies
  • Sapphires
  It is worth noting that much of their diamond trade is ran by underground cartels.
Major Imports
The Kingdom of Arkhad doesn't want for much and has for a long time been proud of their independence. Over the last few years however they have become soft and have got use to the imports of fine food and lavish luxuries.   Their imports include:
  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Poultry
  • Luxury Clothes
  • Spices
Judicial Body
Dwarven Clans   There is an Obelisk in the center of the city of Arem which was written by ancestors many thousands of years ago. This Obelisk has all the laws of the Kingdom and is enforced by the military arm of each clan.   The Judicial system is often closely linked to the military system, with Generals and high level officers acting as Judges and jury.
Neighboring Nations


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