When an enemy brings big guns, make sure you have bigger guns.

Golems are of several types of magically created constructs. They are mindless, emotionless creations that only know how to fulfill the orders of its creator.But what if someone creates largest and strongest golem ever existed?And so it happened. Earthshakers. The Earthshakers technology is kept asecret from everyone,and that means EVERYONE.Two earthshkers were constructed by a group of oldest members of the The Gadgets And after construction, the development of the technology went to the grave with the creators of it.And the only knowledge that is passed from Father to son is how to pilot the Earthshaker. The towering constructs are not used to avantage of the creators, they were constructed to fight greater dangers - like Primordials.Other than that,they are kept deep under the ground under heavy survaliance. took care of by enchanters and tinkers.


Utility of the Object is quite narrow - to deal with large threats, but the "why" it was constructed is to constrain the Primordials to perform a commune effort to banish it in to elemental plane, in case if it goes berserk.


The facility was split in to several departments : Enchantment department, forge department, tinkering department and a construction department. Also into sub departments that provided with the necessary resources.

The only people who was involved in the process of invenition is The Gadgets That made the project itself possible.
Access & Availability
The access to the technology is restricted by law of the Oakvale KIngdom, and the only people that are allowed to get down to the earthshakers is the members of The Gadgets.The technology will be only used at emergency and a threat of an apocalypse, because usage of this iron monstrousity will deal a lot of harm to the land it will tresspass, leaving craters with each step.
Speaking of the complexity of the invention its no doubt the mopst complicated mechanism ever existed. It is made of separate modules, "Sectors" that are powered by the trapped energy of greater elementals of fire. Due to the size of the machinery there are no intricate details in its form and the smallest detail is of a size of a human being.
The development of the technology was absolutely classified and was contained underground unseen.The names of creators was erased from the history, as the blueprints, development diaries.It took several centuries to finish the working 2 prototypes of the machinery and it was finished in 1402 GR. There was a large amont of resources involved into construction of this monstrousity 40 miles wide 60 miles high, a size of a town, controled by a hundred of pilots, 166 000 tonns of enchanted metal power and destruction. The underground facilities were working day and night for almost 400 years.


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