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Brawl is a wild, untamed, harsh island that lays of the western coast of Oakvale. It is covered in high, sharp mountain ranges and thick ancient forests. It has never been properly mapped but it is thought that several rivers flow down from the mountain and have over the years cut their way through the forests. This has created large gorges and canyons at different locations around the island that can make overland travel very slow.   It is known from sailors that have passed the island at a distance that there is also a large swamp area, though the islands effect on navigation equipment makes it hard to say where exactly on the island this swamp is. Likewise there have been reports of smoke from fire having been seen from a raised, less forested area of the island.   Much of the coast of Brawl is impossible to land a boat on due to huge cliffs jutting from the sea. The areas where the cliffs lapse instead gives way to pebble beaches. Not the best for sunbathing but much better for landing a boat. Currently no sandy tropical beaches have been discovered.

Flora & Fauna

Further exploration and documentation of the island is needed in order to gather a better understand of the flora and fauna that inhabit this island. There is a small amount that is currently known but the few survivors from the first colonisation effort have reported many sightings of creatures that.   Some of the most notable flora and fauna are the storm birds known as Tethrik, Kadool (a very versatile plant), Varadin (a tall strong tree), Mathock (an evergreen tree not found on the mainland).

Natural Resources

There is not much in the way of farm land on Brawl, with the vast majority of space being consumed by mountain or dense forest. This means that there is no way to grow crops en mass or graze animals as is done on the mainland. The people of Brawl, most notably the Zell'hain Orcs, have become master foragers, hunters and fishers to solve this problem. Couple that with a relatively small population and the island offers and abundance of different edible plants, species of small game and fish.   The most obvious resource that Brawl offers is it's wood. An ancient forest covers the vast majority of the island and the Zell'hain Orcs only seem to take what falls naturally or what the grow to use. In the time The Royal Exploration Society spent on the island, some 200 years ago, they saw how the Zell'hain Orcs were able to grow almost perfect timber for there building and crafting by training the trees, they cared for them and nurtured the trees which they said produced stronger wood.   It is unknown whether the mountains of Brawl hold any precious metals of gems. The Tlaloc seem to have limited interest in trading and gold is as valued as iron in their eyes. The Zell'hain Orcs do make use of some crystals but it is unknown where they get it from. They also use a lot of obsidian which has let researchers to believe this island may have been formed by a volcano.
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