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World Tree

World trees are incredibly ancient trees, believed to have lived since the dawn of time itself. Each tree is thought to be blessed by the Oakfather and bring a boon of fertility to the surrounding areas.

Basic Information


A world tree stretches to immeasurable heights, though from a distance appears to fit in with the rest of the canopy surrounding it. They have wide trunk bases, ranging anywhere from a radius of 20 foot to 50, and the largest thought to be nearly 100. World trees have incredibly resilient wood, capable of sustaining multiple heavy blows before breaking.

Genetics and Reproduction

World trees cannot reproduce. The only way to create world trees is through divine intervention, such as seen with the Evertree.

Ecology and Habitats

World trees are only ever found in remote parts of the world, far from the realms of traditional civilization. However, as states have grown in size, world trees became a valuable source for loggers and city planners alike, who found the hardy wood and ample supply of it to be suitable to cut down.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

World trees have an innate ability to sense when those that might harm it approach and are able to alert those it wishes to of their presence. The tree cannot determine exact places, but can provide a rough distance and direction.

Conservation Status
World trees are almost entirely extinct, with only two remaining in the world - one in Chaldain and a second on the Arrow Isle.
Geographic Distribution

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