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Mirtul 1, 1483

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Edarymyrni is the name of this world, with the name meaning 'the act of raising a world that is not yours'. Dragons are natives here, but their position these days is far from what it once was as rulers of the realm. The dragons were the greatest powers besides the gods for much of its time and bear much of the responsibility for how it looks today, or at least that's what many of them might have you think.   Humans hid away on Kasetia, elves on Skortenia, dwarves deep in the Underdark and the myriad of other species did so away from the might of the non-human creator race empires in addition to the scaled beasts of the skies and the world shakers of Ostoria. In time though, the creator races fled the Material Plane and the world as we knew it grew over thousands of years.   While the world underwent one of its greatest changes with most of the creator races falling into severe decline, many dragons saw this as an opportunity to shape it into something they felt was right. Whether or not they were successful is unknown, for those that did so have long since died.   In those thousands of years since the death of these graceful guiding hands, much has happened to this world; a Magical Plague, deaths of countless gods in addition to the creation of new ones and not to mention the major geographical changes brought by Mystras death.   How the world progresses is up to those smaller than their guides and if their actions are for the betterment of the world is yet to be seen.