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Her Oceans Fury

Daugstads short distance from the islands of the Great Maw might seem beneficial or easy to cross, but the ocean would have to disagree with that. As Averum was a foundling state, nowhere near the influence it holds today, it dared to spit in the face of Umberlee herself and cross the Deadmans Passage. The ship was lost to her oceans fury, but in a way much more terrifying than a shipwreck. Storm threw them off course, mast broke. Poor bastards never stood a chance. Legend has it the crew would die abruptly, barely a warning save a short scream. You'd hear a scream, then a thump, then you tossed the poor soul overboard and prayed you weren't next. Ocean madness really. Get so close to death, so hopeless the body refuses to keep living.' - a sailor recounting the story in the Dock Ward of Averum to fresh-faced sailors.

Historical Basis

The basis for the tail are the rocky reefbeds common to the crossing area, which when compounded by a unique natural phenomona leading to large fog clouds obscuring any travellers vision. The

Cultural Reception

Throughout the seafaring communities of the Merchant Coast, particularly in the Averum Republic, mention of Her Oceans Fury are often met with boh hushed tones, and boisterous voices claiming they've experienced it

In Literature

The tale is often recounted among the most well known story told by sailors who frequent the Merchant Coast, being one of great superstition to those daring any passage northwards.
Date of First Recording
Date of Setting


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