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The Continent of Sarlona is vast. The home to variety of peoples. The country of Riedra is controlled by the other dimensional beings known as the Quori. Which shares a border with Adar, a much smaller country inhabited by the Kalashtar.   Inside Sarlona:   Sarlona: Land mass is about the same size as Australia. The Sundering= 1500 years ago, the first Kalashtar born at the time.   Countries= Reidra, Adar, Syrkarn and Tyshana Tundra.   Riedra= Country controlled by the Inspired. Outsiders are not usually welcome.   Unity of Riedra = the name of the Quori government of the country, began 1000 years ago and is controlled by the Inspired.   Path of Inspiration= The national religion of Reidra, everyone is indoctrinated. All other religions are said to be led by fiends, are evil and illegal. *Kalashtar are considered something like heretics to this religion.   Adar= Country that is home to many Kalashtar, the refugees and exiles from Riedra.     Sarlonan Terms= Quori, Chosen, Inspired, Kalashtar, Elan, Dark Spirit, Region of Dreams, Dreaming Dark and Broken.   Quori or il Altas (Great Spirit)= Quori cannot manifest on the material plane, live in Dal Quor the Plane of Dreams. There are many types/castes of Quori. Types of Quori= The known quori types are as follows: Tsucora quori: weakest and most of the numerous quori. Tsoreva quori: also called mindblades, the enforcers of Dal Quor. Usvapna quori: inquisitors and assassins. Du'ulora quori: also called blackfuries, they are spirits of rage. Hashalaq quori: also called dreamstealers, they are lore-masters and judges. Kalaraq quori: also called eyebinders, they are the nobility of nightmare.   Chosen (no Quori hosted yet)= Empty Vessel, bred/groomed to be a willing host to Quori.   Inspired = Quori controlled Chosen, and the rulers of the Unity. Unlike the Kalashtar who merge with their host creating a new being, the inspired host is fully dominated by the Quori. An Inspired host has to be a willing host or the Quori domination will drive both of them insane over time. Inspired differ in position in hierarchy based on the type of Quori inhabiting them. Unlike the Kalashtar who merge with thier host, these Quori take over the host. Kalaraq Inspired are the 6 Leaders of Sarlona. The ruling six have specially bred bodies that they can inhabit at will.   KaLashtar (Wandering Dream)= Are not the traditional Quori. They were Quori Refugees who merged with willing hosts, to become a new being (Originally 67 monks from Adar). Usually they follow the Path of Light. Now are a true breeding race of people. Many Kalashtar view the Unity and Inspired as the greatest evil.   Elan (Spirit Prison/Elan’altas) = When a Quori is forced into a unwilling host as punishment, it is called an Elan and usually will go insane in time. The bodies they are forced into are usually one of the Broken. Both reside in the House of Broken.   DarkSpirit or Altavars= Dark(vars) Spirit(alta), any deity of other religions, the Sovereign or Church of Silver Flame   Region of Dreams= aka Dal Quor, the home plane of dreams and nightmares of the Quori.   Dreaming Darkness or il Lashtavar= The leader of the Quori in the home plane of Dal Quor.   Broken or Hevath = Any chosen who breaks their oath to become Inspired, to host a Quori.   House of the Broken = A remote monastery, where they send exiled Broken and Elan to live out their days away from the rest of Reidran society.   Since the Fall of Levistus: Reidra has become stronger as a country, by granting assisting to Karrnath to help them rebuild. Now there are two embassies, one from Reidra in Korrth and one from Karnath in Reidra. There are groups of Inspired hidden the city looking for any of the Kalashtar.

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