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Daughters of Sora Kell

Taken from a letter to the halfling social activist and hero of Khorvaire Willow from his adoptive uncle, General Blue Bari of the Droaam heavy cavalry (who is barely literate).  
Meye nu bosses R verie kakapupu nyce. Thanx 4 axing. Eye haf Ben hear a littel whyle and Eye don"t fink their akchoo reeley sisturz. They R butt its lyke how U and mee R reelaytid ankle and nefew. They luv eech uver alot tho. Sora Katra iz a Grene hag butt Eye don"t fink hag iz a gudd werd 4 hur becuz yoozulee mostlee she iz verie teenkydookie purtee weewee razing beautamus. She iz the won that tox all the thyme and iz souper kakapupu Smartt. Sora Maenya iz knot purty. She iz BiG and Stronk. She iz a reel teenkydookie bean-buster. Wee git a long GRATE! Wee R gonna C hoo kan thro a Ohgrr the furvest tonite! Wee half alot uv fun. Sora Teraza iz Olde and dustee. She sez she kan C entoo the fewchur butt Eye don"t no. She duz wynn at kardz alot Eye gess. Betwine U and Eye, she duzn"t no wut iz reel sumthymes, prolly cuz she iz so fart-smell rinklee and Olde. Eye bett she iz at leest ten fengirs ate thymes Olde. At leest!   All uv dem kan do sum kakapupu krazee Magix. Sora Katra razed Yermuddah frum the ded! Eye wyl luv hur 4 eeturn alongalong thyme 4 dat. Alzo she iz verie entelligable and purtee.
  In 986 YK, the hags appeared in what is now Droaam, and have since built a great city that they named after the mountain they founded it in, the Great Crag.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Twenty years ago, the wizard Galather tricked the hags into performing a ritual that helped free Levistus from his imprisonment in Khyber. The Sisters didn't take this well at all and gave considerable magical support to the Troublemakers in the effort to defeat Levistus. Although things worked out in their favor and Droaam is stronger than ever, the Sisters still hate Galather with a passion and would love to kill him if they could find him.


Contacts & Relations

They actively work with House Tharashk to send their mercenaries and laborers out into the world, bringing money and intel back into the nation.
Current Location
Presented Sex
Aligned Organization

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