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Gods can possess a willing champion to become an Avatar. It is very taxing for God and it is most effective for them to possess a willing and devoted follower. This process kills the host, as the bodies of mortals were not made for housing the essence of a God.

Historical Basis

In the Age of Dread, before Thea Dawncrest fought against the Dark One, she was gifted Dawnbringer, a legendary sword, by a priestess of Aherin. Thea had always been a devout follower of Aherin and because the Goddess strongly opposes the destruction wrought by the Dark One, she chose Aherin as her Champion.   Legend has it that when things looked grim in the final battle, Thea Dawncrest offered herself up to become Aherin's Avatar, allowing the goddess to take a more active role in trying to destroy this evil once and for all. During the final battle, she managed to deal a killing blow to The Dark One, she was, however, mortally wounded in the process.


This myth is best known by priests and avid followers of the Gods. When it comes to the common folk, the citizens of Starharbor are most likely to know of the myth, since Thea Dawncrest was part of the family that has been overseeing their city for generations.
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