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Pantheon of the Nine

Mythology & Lore

When Gods walked the Earth

It is said that when this plane of existance was created in the Age of Chaos, gods and goddesses walked the earth, shaping it to their liking. Supposedly, some gods still try to influence the mortal realm by crowning champions and sometimes even by turning a willing champion into an Avatar.

Cosmological Views

There are nine gods which the people of Ebea worship. Each god represents a certain aspect of living. There are three gods considered good, neutral and evil respectively.   The following Aspects are considered good:
  • Renir, Aspect of Virtue
  • Aherin, Aspect of Life
  • Neneyar, aspect of Creation
  The following Aspects are considered neutral:
  • Lanas, Aspect of Truth
  • Dumris, Aspect of Pasing
  • Vaias, Aspect of Freedom
  The following Aspects are considered evil:
  • Evarys, Aspect of Tyranny
  • Neris, Aspect of Loss
  • Yharis, Aspect of Chaos
Despite the fact that the Aspects are divided into good, neutral and evil, there is no discrimination against people who worship a god which is considered evil as each aspect represents a part of life. Good or evil or inbetween, every aspect is treated with a modicum of respect. The people of Ebea believe that the gods peacefully co-exist, each god happy to oversee their domain.


Stark anti-thesis to each other

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